Technology never lets an individual sit idle. Even though the world had a long pause due to Covid, technology fast-forwarded our routine surprisingly. Zoom is one of those stars. Live interactions became impossible during the outbreak of the virus. Zoom communication turned out to be an aid to this issue.

Zoom is an American video communication and conferencing company founded by Eric Yuan in the year 2011. He was a former corporate vice president for Cisco Webex. Eric Yuan led engineering teams for 14 years. First at WebEx, then at cisco after the acquisition of WebEx. Zoom uses cloud-based computing to provide its services. It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that provides an easy and stress-free platform to hold online meetings, mobile collaboration, and video conferencing.

Eric Yuan

Customer acquisition:

Initially, the company had trouble finding investors. In June 2011, the company raised $3 million of seed from WebEx founder Subrah Iyar, former Cisco SVP and General Counsel Dan Scheinman, and venture capitalists Matt Ocko, TSVC, and Bill Tai. Zoom had four lakh users and by the end of 2013, it had one million users. They created a program named “Works With Zoom” to establish partnerships and acquire users. The number of users skyrocketed to 10 million by the year 2014. In the year 2017, they hosted Zoomtopia, the first ever annual user conference. During that time, they announced active series of partnerships and products. 

In 2015, Zoom integrated with the sales force and customer relationship management platform. In 2017 they launched Telehealth, a platform where doctors visit their patients remotely through video conference for consultations. Zoom also partnered with Polycom to integrate features like multiple screens and device meetings, HD and wireless screen sharing, Google Calendar, and Ical. Zoom acquired German startup Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions (KITES) in 2021. Bringing in the knowledge of language translation via machine learning is deemed to be a step forward to breaking the language barriers and speeding up the work across organizations the world over.

“Corona virus has completely changed how people think about where or how you should work,” Says Eric Yuvan. It is true in the case of the growth of Zoom. We people have always dreamt about having two vacations in a year and working from home-based jobs. We never thought it would become possible. Now our dreams are true. This kind of video conferencing application has eased our routine life. A great thanks to the technology and innovators.

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