OK Google!! Have you heard this phrase? The answer is a definite yes. That’s the way technology has evolved our lives.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) and robotics are two different fields of computer science and technology and are often interconnected. As the name defines, AI is a computer program capable of achieving a task that requires intelligence. While a robot is an automated machine, which can perform a series of tasks with great accuracy and precision, and mimic human actions.

Everything that we do online from booking a ticket, doing a Google search to opening our Instagram feed has AI lurking in the background. When intertwined with each other, AI acts as the brain while robots are considered as the body. While these two are said to replace a wild array of jobs in the future, new ones are ought to be created.


Firstly, let’s take a look over some areas in which AI and robotics are currently in progress.


 One of the best examples for warehouse automation is Amazon. Amazon has a large warehouse automation network with over 2,00,000 mobile robots. This has minimized labour work and manpower. The warehouse workers can now focus on value added jobs rather than physical work.


AI and robotic techniques are used to address some of the challenges that the agricultural sector faces. They are used in plant disease and pest identification, target spraying of pesticides, seeding, irrigation, harvesting, and many more. However, due to many technological and economic barriers, a fully-fledged automation process may be difficult.


The Limbo security robot detects and analyses human activities in the surrounding area. It can detect suspicious activities and send real-time alerts to the human guard.



It’s a robot used in businesses to connect with the customers and answer their queries and provide information on the company’s services.


Do you know about the first robotic citizen of Saudi Arabia? It’s Sophia, the humanoid robot. Sophia was developed by the Hanson Robotics in Honk Kong. She can imitate human gestures and is capable of mimicking 62 facial expressions.


 Now, let us see the jobs that have chances of being replaced by robots in the future.


Nowadays, many of our queries can be answered online through chatbots. Hence, it wouldn’t be a surprise if these jobs are replaced by robots. Automated check-in process would definitely be a boon.


Self driven cars are already there on the role and this sector currently has a high probability of getting fully automated.


Online shopping has become a fashion trend. E-Commerce has enhanced the shopping experience and customers no longer need to visit physical stores to purchase items.


Nowadays, we have many online websites such as Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Sapling and many more for proofreading our content and write-ups. This has decreased the need for proofreaders. Blogging sites can use several software and tools to detect plagiarism and check grammatical errors.

We have taken a look over the jobs that are already and can be replaced by robots & AI. However, there are some jobs and areas that cannot be fulfilled by robots.


Authors and creative-writers are the ones who employ their creavity and emotions to come up with appealing content. They play with words and create their own world of ideas and imagination. It’s all about exhibiting naturalism in their work. And you know what isn’t natural, it’s Artificial Intelligence.


Do you want to be ruled over by machines? Your answer, would be satisfying.


Isn’t it pointless to think about robots replacing sportsmen? Sports is all about physical activity and endurance. It maintains and improves our health.

Finally, let’s arrive at a conclusion. There’s no doubt that AI will continue to transform our lives. They are almost error-free and can perform a variety of repetitive tasks done by humans. But that isn’t really enough to replace humans in all fields. Robots can never replace our creativity, empathy, feelings and emotions. Nonetheless, let’s not forget the need to be in par with the evolving technology. That’s required to secure your future in this fast paced world.


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