Investment is what you put, value is what you get

The best startups generally come from somebody needing to scratch an itch

Pete Lau co-founder, OnePlus

Two young gentlemen named Pete Lau and Carl Pei. While Pete was a former vice-president of Oppo, on the other hand, Pei was a computer programmer. This startup begins with the founder’s everlasting aim to make “Balance high-end quality with affordable price than others in their class” the spirit with their new tag line saying “NEVER SETTLE”. This blog is all about the story behind successful running company 1+.

The company idea was drafted in mid of a coffee table in the year 2013. Where they all could find almost everyone using iPhone except few using the android mobiles there raised a question “why iPhone everywhere?”. They say never settle because they don’t want their users to settle for an inadequate phone because they do not have a massive budget to upgrade. The company launched its first product named one plus one on 23/04/2014. Certainly one could remember that one plus was a phone which one could obtain with an invite in India.

 The first phone was just available on amazon where one could go and purchase only online. But now a very selective club of pals owns this. The idea emerged because of the nexus that the phone can be purchased by online lau adds a note that its easy for latecomers like him. Whereas OnePlus says that it was utilizing the welcome technique to bottleneck the tremendous request that would surge something else, the welcomes did something much more. The welcome procedure made the phone status image and a prompt seethe. In case of OS, oneplus ran with android later got tied up with a company named cyanogen Inc. which built oxygenOS for all oneplus phones.

CARL PEI, co-founder, oneplus

Oneplus launched in India with 25 stores across the nation, by 2019 average of 36 stores. Whereas the welcome framework was the flare and the reason to purchase one plus one and oneplus two, it was ceased when the company began scaling up with the dispatch of oneplus three in June 2016. Oneplus was sold in India later it developed too many countries like China, Canada, Hong Kong, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and many more. Now the company has grown in 38 countries and 1000’s of employees. Oneplus has reached the 7 generations of smartphones with oneplus 7 and onelpus pro.

This company is regarded as a fast-growing company with an increase of 45% sales growth from 2017-2018. Just flying financially high in growth which any company cannot do but oneplus made that. Where the oneplus had no official plans for tv but now they have 2 tv’s at affordable cost. Oneplus had its mishaps too! Being warranty rejection or failed campaigns but oneplus took backup and did its best to make a good phone at an affordable price. But the company has not exhibited much about the future for such a young company to make flying colors in the market with the one plus  9 and oneplus nord 2 grabbing the attention of every individual, a lot to look forward to.