“Everyone has some strength; I don’t find negative qualities in people” these are the words from a businessman, who was born in 1967 to a farmer from India. He completed his Bachelor’s degree from IIT Madras and did his post-graduation and Ph.D. at Princeton University. Initially, he worked at a company named “Qualcomm” as a wireless engineer. But he never wanted to settle there, he was curious and eager to explore more, he eventually started his own company and named it “Advent Net” in California.

In 2001 the company expanded its operations to Japan, and they produced applications for CRM, Sheets, Meetings, Invoicing, Mails and more eventually. Today his company has grown to have 6 million customers and it concentrates on web-based business tools and information technology. The online office suite and an ID management suite they came up with are notable and exceptional. 

The person behind this believes that he was not a born businessman, and when he was in his twenties, business was his last choice. He was doing his researches he found them meaningless and traveling to different countries made him think about “why India is economically down”. And that made him step up and start his own company and offered jobs to people and shifted his company to India. He was inspired by companies like Honda, Sony, etc which paved way for its countries economic growth.

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Many large corporates showed up offering huge money for this company but he refused to sell it and was always ready to take risks and stick to the plans. Once when he was asked about that in an interview he told them that “money has become the last priority for him, he was not focusing on fast growth but following the traditional method of building a business and focusing on global growth. 

He also said that “Setup business in smaller towns, grow the local economy and build strong value-based with people willing to work towards a common goal this will on the go make you successful. And making his words true he is opening his company offices in smaller towns and by that, he is aiming to grow the economy. Being very clear and specific about his goals and values and having a strong purpose behind every action fueling them, made him successful.

The probability of a startup being successful is very thin, but the risk that this guy took was immense. This could have never happened if he decided to live the dreams of an average Indian youngster, “settled in one of the most developed countries in the world, with a handsome salary”. The leap he took is “remarkable”. 

It is a sure thing that he will continue to be more and more successful over the years as once he said that “All life is finite. As long as it is fun to be doing it, I will be doing it”.

He is Sridhar Vembu, CEO of ZOHO Corporation, 59th richest Indian according to Forbes with a net worth of 2.5 billion US dollars. An underrated Businessman, a genius.