Anyone can become successful these days. Success and richness are independent and irrespective of background or status. The things that are more important for success are a solid plan and the sheer persistence to strive with that plan. This blog covers the story of a person who turned out to be the richest barber in India. Mr. Ramesh Babu is a barber-billionaire in India. He owns a lot of businesses, but his fundamental idea is car rentals. Now he has taken the car rental business to the next level.

He is now offering luxury cars as daily rentals. What an innovative idea! He is offering luxury cars for delegates and important events for fares on a daily basis. But life wasn’t so smooth for Ramesh years ago. It all started with his childhood. Ramesh’s father was a barber and his mother was a homemaker.

His father was barely making enough money to look after the family. Ramesh had two siblings. It was around the age of 7 when Ramesh’s father expired suddenly, leaving his wife and three children stranded in the middle of the street. All they had was a barber shop and a rental house.

Barbershop – the only possession left for Ramesh Babu

Young Ramesh had to do multiple arrays of petty jobs in order to make up for the expenses of the house. He used to deliver newspapers, milk, groceries, and magazines to his neighbourhood while studying in school. This badly affected his grades. He wasn’t able to concentrate much on his studies, the one thought running into his mind was to run the family.

So, he quit his schooling after 10th grade to look after his father’s shop. They renamed the shop as Inner Space and started working there full time. He didn’t have any other choice but to keep up with the family’s needs. Over the years, he mastered the skill and earned enough to keep the family stable.

His shop became popular and trendy, attracting a lot of customers. But he wanted something apart from a barbershop. Hence, in 1993 he bought a Maruthi Omni car through a loan and used it for his car rental business. He got his first contract from Intel through his family. Soon, he got some more contacts and expanded his business.

The next year, in 1994, Ramesh started his own tours and travels agency mainly focussing on automobile rentals. He added more cars to the list for his business, he invested all the savings he had onto this business. He was eyeing luxury cars. He had luxurious cars like Lexus, Cadillac, and Mercedes in the ’90s and was renting them.

Cadillac – the luxurious vehicle in the ’90s

Through these years of consistent hard work, Mr. Ramesh Babu now emerges as the richest barber in India, with a net worth of 1200 crores. He has around 400 cars out of which 120 are luxury cars. Recently, he bought the 6.2 crore Rolls Royce Ghost which he is renting at 75000 per day.

One interesting fact about this person is that he still cuts hair for people in his barber shop even though he is a billionaire. Look at the modesty and humbleness of this person. A lot of people forget their past when they become successful, but this man hasn’t. One of the reasons why he is a great personality.

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