Being a long time entrepreneur, I like to contribute my expertise to whomever it may raise. We constantly thrive to do anomalous stuffs and go beyond what is expected. Startup Idea is much important for the future billionaire like you. To Elaborate it, Startup Opportunity comes successional. We should never degrade ourselves in case of failure. We don’t have constraint in this Entrepreneur world, you must first differentiate yourself from crowd.

You can dedicate to laborious market and fill the needs of the consumer. Don’t forget that Business is a long game and know the catalyst of going further. Below are the list of Chakravarthy 5 Steps every startup founder must follow before venturing.

Know Your Competition (KYC)

Once we begin with startup Idea, we have a high chance of misconception that our Idea is completely new and has more innovation. But we fail to find the catalyst of Success Stories. It is not a pinnacle of building new idea, because practically no Idea is new and flourishes just like that. Entrepreneurship is all about solving a problem or filling a need, the problem we are trying to solve will have an alternate solution for sure.

Our embryonic Idea must grow and enhance the existing method by proper Research. Make your Research and Development team take a report of 40-50 competitive organizations at least. The report must have elaborate functions of brands, USP, Marketing Strategy, Revenue Model, Distribution Channel, Pros and Cons, Reason for Failure/Success and Backing etc.

Having an idea is only the first step to a successful brand.

Market Analysis

The moment you are strong about competition knowledge, next gather market study of your field. Find what is really in demand and how to monetize your idea. Understand Investor invests only in companies that are monetized good and have agreed to grow exponentially. Discriminate your Venture in a positive way and work consistently. Here are market research techniques include surveys, group interaction, interviews and customer activity.

SWOT Analysis

It Means Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat

Strength: What is the defence of your venture from market whales.
Weakness: What are the negatives in your organization?
Opportunity: Many opportunities are available here, so we need to have complementary product/service and utilize it well.
Threat: Find what can cause you bankrupt and pause your growth factor. Censor the obstacles which are threat to the company.

SWOT analysis is important for every brand to get an idea of the strengths and weaknesses.

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Pitch Deck

Pitch Deck is Entrepreneurs, investment bankers and key persons Marketing Presentations. Pitch deck is confidential, informational and factors of the Actual Company. This has business proposals and analogous details for raising funds and sharing purposes.

Pitch Deck is a key aspect of growing a competitive startup.

Financial Projections

You need to mesmerize the investors with your financial projection. These are genuine numbers used to show traction while fund raise. You need to find and record nearly accurate value of spending and income for at least 3 years. Financial model contains data of income, spending, capital budget, KYI, Accounting, Valuation and EBITDA, etc.

The moment you derived everything, the magic starts to happen! All the best Future Icon of the Innovation

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