If a car says, “I’m a chameleon”, will you believe it? But believe me, this is true. BMW is one of the biggest fortune runners when it comes to automobiles. They have now revealed their inconceivable “COLOUR CHANGING CAR” in the recent Consumer Electronics Show. YES! You heard me right. It indeed is a colour changing car using BMW E-Ink!

First car in the world whose exterior colour can change in a touch is the BMW’s iX Flow E Ink. The following color conversions are possible using a mobile application.

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Bicolour mode

What can sound cooler than this to a motorhead, right?! It is said that in the future, you might even be able to control the colour on the car’s dashboard or even by hand gestures. According to BMW, no energy is needed to maintain the colour the driver selects. Sounds cool, right!

Changing the colour of the car might be illegal in a few countries but just imagine if the car itself is a colour changing one, it indeed is a legit feature. Right now, the colours are just limited to white, black and grey. Yet, imagine going on a vacation, it does sound fun changing the car colour to red during road rages, white for desert safaris, blue for beaches, to whatever colour in whatever place you wish.

Anyway, you might have had this question by now – How does this magical car work?

 Well, the surface coating of this car contains millions of microcapsules, containing negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. So, when you choose the colour you want your car to be, the electricity will push the desired white or black pigments to the top of the microcapsule and that’s when the car will magically change colour.  

You can also use the colour change to influence sunlight reflections. Which is, in summer, you can switch the colour white to reflect sunlight and in winter, you can switch it back to black to absorb the heat.

 Another legit feature is, say, you lost your car in a parking lot. You can just press a button and have the entire body of the car constantly flash from black to white, to catch your eye.

Although this looks fascinating some drawbacks do prevail. And some serious critics are buzzing over the internet from the netizens. This colour-changing feature might sound interesting to motorheads but it does seem to be on the downside for the cops.

And, how durable the colour will be and will it be able to withstand extreme weather conditions are the real questions. However, Research Engineer Stellar Clarke said that repairing this new technology won’t be an issue. It is said that it is certainly repairable and not unrealistic from that aspect.

There is no telling whether BMW will launch this, as the production date has not yet been confirmed but Clarke said that it’s the first try and this has never been done before and that they are hopeful to get it into production soon. Until then let us indulge ourselves in the excitement! “There is a FREAKING COLOUR CHANGING CAR on the way…”

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