Have you ever seen those massive posters of products or movies when you pass through a road? Those are called billboards. The iconic Times Square which is shown whenever modern New York comes to mind is an enhancement of it in the form of digital billboards.

They are always designed to be intriguing and to grab attention of anybody who sees it. Let’s start with exploring the origins of this larger-than-life marketing tactic that is being implemented by the upper echelons of businesses.

Billboards were first invented in America in the 1830s by Jared Bell. The Billboard was created to advertise a circus and thus a large billboard was created in order to garner attention for the same.

The Earliest Known Billboard Ad

Mind games that a billboard plays in a person’s mind: –

  1. It instantly creates an impression on the person that a “Big company” is showing off their product. This helps in establishing the brand’s image to the viewer.
  2. It creates a sense of curiosity as to what message the billboard is trying to convey.
  3. It is more likely to tempt a person into buying their product since it is one of the most attractive and eye-catching ways of advertising.
  4. The product that is featured get ingrained into a person’s memory. Thus it is hard for the viewer to forget it.

Attached below is an image slider which you can swipe through to see more creative advertisements.

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Billboards can also influence certain decisions while we are traveling. For example: Let’s assume a scenario where a person is driving across highway. If they feel the need to stop somewhere and eat, a billboard of a restaurant will help them take a decision of buying food from that particular restaurant! Thus, the billboard of that restaurant may induce the same feeling to thousands of people who travel in that particular highway.

A Mcdonald’s Ad Billboard

Cost of Billboard Advertising in India: –

The cost of advertising using billboard depends largely on these 4 factors

  1. Location.
  2. Size of the display ad.
  3. Timing of the ad because some products are in high demand in certain times of the year and the billboard’s tenure (How long the billboard will be put up).
  4. Kind of material used. E.g.: Flex or Vinyl paint.

Rates start from Rs. 3000 – 4000 a month in rural areas and it may go up to Rs. 15 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh per month for a large billboard in an urban area with high traffic.

Statistics related to billboards: –

  1. 71% of people typically look at billboards while they are driving.
  2. Over 50% of people say that they have been highly tempted by a billboard they have seen in a previous month.
  3. Billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising are 382% more effective at driving online activity than TV ads.

Advantages of billboard advertising: –

  1. Can gather a targeted audience.
  2. It increases customer exposure.
  3. It is cost effective.
  4. Printed billboards last 24/7 thus there is no time limit unlike digital billboards.
  5. It is instantly noticeable and eye catching.

Thus, Billboards play a big part in advertising even today. It is quite a fascinating strategy where a brand conveys its message using a just a captivating picture of its product and a few words.

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