Disclaimer – the statistics are obtained from verified sources and are from recent years. The information related to interviewing is curated from the experience of TCS alumni and placed students.

About The Company

TCS, or Tata Consultancy Services, is a multinational firm that provides information technology services. In a variety of sectors, including finance, education, insurance, retail, energy, life science, and healthcare, it offers software and consulting services. Analytics, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Automation, AI, and IoT services are all offered by TCS.

Mumbai serves as the corporate headquarters for the global Indian firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), which provides IT consulting and services. It is a member of the Tata Group and is active in 149 locations across 46 nations. TCS reportedly reached 6 lakh, or 600,000, employees worldwide, in July 2022. It is one of the most valuable

IT service brands in the world and the second-largest Indian company by market capitalization. TCS placed 64th overall in the rankings for the year 2015 for the Forbes “World’s Most Innovative Companies” 

Main Pillars Of TCS

Founders: F.C Kohli and J.R.D Tata (on 1st April 1968)

Chairman: Natarajan Chandersekaran (from 2009)

CEO: Rajesh Gopinathan (from Feb 2013)

Parent organizations: Tata Groups, Tata Sons.


Uniqueness Of TCS

First, job security

2. Brand (TATA)

3. Offering flexible working hours to maintain work-life balance

4. A person may always find time to work on their job goals (M.Tech, MS, MBA, Govt. Exams). There are numerous tranquil IRCs at each TCS location (libraries)

5. You can also request a leave of absence and pursue further education.

6. Excellent potential for onsite employment

7. Amount of clubs in your area of interest for learning and growth

8. Free use of the learning platforms offered by Udemy, O’Reilly, and Safari. Additionally, you can sign up in advance to participate in live classes.

9. You can get in touch with HR to arrange a meeting with any mentor you like in your workplace.

10. A weakness is that other IT professionals occasionally contact you for interviews.

Frequent HR Questions

  • Do you favour working alone or with a team?
  • Can you brief me about yourself?
  • What are your professional strengths?
  • How do you arrive at crucial decisions?
  • What are your areas of weakness?
  • What have been your greatest successes to date?
  • How come I should drive you in TCS?
  • Who or what motivated you to pursue engineering?
  • What is your knowledge of TCS?
  • Why TCS?
  • How do you respond to criticism?
  • Are you ready to put in extra time? Weekends and evenings?
  • Are you prepared to move if necessary?

An Additional Note to all the Aspirants

Whether it’s TCS, Mindtree, or any other company, the main thing they look to is your attitude. The way you respond to things, your passion, your interest and your learning ability are the things that would be assessed by HR.

They expect the candidates to have a sound open mind and have the mindset and attitude to learn anything. Another thing to consider is the question of “coming from x (any dept) why do you want to join IT?” This would be a common and favourite question for HRs for candidates from non-programming backgrounds.

The best way is to say that the current world is running on IT and every day every activity is dependent on IT. I am willing to incorporate my domain knowledge with that of appropriate principles of IT to bring the best to society. All the best and hope you ace your interview.

Disclaimers – the statistics are obtained from verified sources and are from recent years. The information related to interviewing is curated from the experience of TCS alumni and placed students.

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All the Best to the Aspirants!

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