iPhone is always known to be a standout and can be considered as the G.O.A.T of all mobile phones. Many people have an iPhone and many dream of having one and there are some people who are adamant on it. Some people do anything to get an iPhone, like selling other possessions and in some cases selling their organs. iPhone is just like any other smartphone, having similar features and exhibiting more or less the same functionalities as others. Then why all this craze for iPhone?

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The main reason is brand value. People get value when they have an iPhone with them. Many users possess an iPhone as a symbol of status and to exhibit their pride. But this comes with some issues. One issue is that they cannot listen to music while charging since they have the same port. Hence to overcome this issue, they came with Bluetooth interfacing headset called as “airpods”.

The biggest and most frustrating issue that they experience is interfacing with Android devices. Sending/receiving files from an Android phone is hell for iPhone users. Suppose you are the only person who has an iPhone and the rest of the group have android mobiles, transferring files would be a hell of a task. Worry not! It won’t be a problem at all. Google launches a solution for this problem through an application that can easily switch from iOS to Android in iPhone.

Before entering into the process, let’s look into the terms iOS and Android. A lot of people (including me) know that these both are OS, but don’t have an idea more than that. iOS and android are mobile operating systems which are used to manage the software and hardware. They aid to run the several applications, tools and programs present in the device. Generally, one can check out their OS in their mobile settings. The following are the different types of mobile operating systems.

  • Android- by Google
  • iOS- by Apple
  • Symbian- by Samsung
  • Windows- by Microsoft
  • Bada- by Samsung
  • Blackberry- by Blackberry

Out of all these, Android and iOS are used widely in most of the smartphones. iPhones use iOS whereas many other smartphone brands use Android. Both of these operating systems have their own ups and downs. The following table compares the features of the top operating systems.

One problem is the interfacing between these two OS. Hence, google came up with the ‘Switch to Android’ that enables iPhone users to move stuff from iOS to Android. This is a simple, fast and wireless 4-step process that switches iOS to Android in an iPhone. The data is transferred from iCloud to Google Drive.

Step 1- Install Google Drive in iPhone.

Step 2- Backup the Google Drive with the files, contacts, videos, photos etc.

Step 3- Turn off iMessage and FaceTime in order not to miss any message or call after transferring to Android.

Step 4- Sign in on the same Google Drive in Android device and get the backup data.

Hence by following these steps, one can easily transfer data from iOS device to Android device. So, iPhone users don’t have to worry the next time when you need to share data with your Android friends. Simply,

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“Switch to Android!”