When we think about the village, we picture the calm scenery and the fresh air, but is that all? Nope! Beyond all those positive sides resides the harsh reality of underdevelopment. As common people, what can we do to solve this problem? Here are a few stunning small-scale businesses to develop the rural areas of our respective countries.

  • Seeds and fertilizers store 

The village is given life by its farmers. The beautiful fertile lands need quality seeds and fertilizers. To get these, farmers have to go to the city to buy them which is a tough and time consuming process. Opening a store that contains all types of seeds and fertilizers can save every aspect of need for the farmer. After all, they’re the actual ones who feed us. Then why do they have to toil more? This business will do extraordinarily good for the farmers.

  • Natural fabric clothing store

Natural fabrics are far more eco-friendly than the synthetic ones that are mostly worn in urban areas. This will not only increase sustainability in fashion but also greatly favours rural farmers and labourers. As a result, villages might become the central hub for sustainable fashion. This will attract the people belonging to this industry and might become more favourable.

Handmade crafts are the most popular form of small scale businesses
  • Art and craft store

It is well known that the art and crafts done by rural people hold more connections to nature and the cultures followed in the villages. This field teaches people more about cultural values and tradition. Tourists may very much prefer to buy such artefacts when they return to their homes as a memento of remembrance of their trip. This will immensely help the rural women and men to be employed and earn a living.

  • Organic fruits and vegetable store

Farmers give us healthy fruits and vegetables but do they get to eat them too? Very rarely. For them to also get access to these organic fruits and vegetables, organic stores can be launched. This will keep everyone healthy.

  • Low-cost tutor centres

In an urban area, it’s very much common to come across tutor centres for students as it greatly helps them in their educational background. In villages, students find it very hard to learn as they do not have access to tutors. Tutoring centres will not only help produce more qualified students but also increase the number of students. The students being educated will trigger interest in other students too. Since the economic condition is a bit lower in a village, low-cost tutor centres can greatly establish more knowledgeable students who come from poor backgrounds.

  • Diagnostic Centers

In general, villages have very less number of hospitals and much lesser diagnostic centres. People have to travel to the city to get treatment and other ailments. To solve this problem, establishing more hospitals and diagnostic centres in the rural areas can save lives. It will also make it easier for people to gain access to the health department.

  • Library cum book shop

Books hold the primary importance in feeding knowledge to anyone for that matter. Many in the rural side still don’t know the concept of borrowing books. To spread more knowledge that can help people in humongous ways, it will not only help communicate what they want but also gain a position in the society .

  • Browsing centres

Internet is not made available for all as it cannot be afforded every month by people coming from lower backgrounds. In case of emergencies, they do not have the access to the internet and to overcome this problem browsing centres can help people in all aspects. Right from online banking to online learning, many opportunities might be opened for rural people.

  • Door delivered drinking water

People living in the rural areas do not get sufficient drinking water. There are no transport services that deliver drinking water and hence people greatly suffer without quality drinking water. When drinking water is made available in a door delivery service, not only will it give room for employment but also will enhance people’s health and life.

People living in the urban areas suffer from even the simplest things like slow wi-fi, heavy traffic etc. But the people who live in the rural area face bigger struggles for the most necessities of life. These small-scale businesses will improve the economy and quality of life of those in the rural areas. I conclude it with my share of thoughts, “A country is not rich when the businessmen smile, it is truly rich when every person who dwells in the rural community smiles.” Think about it folks!

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