We have come a long way from the simple quote ‘marriages are made in heaven’ to weddings can now happen in metaverse. Even, zoom weddings have become quite comman due to the covid pandemic.

Firstly, Metaverse is going to bring in lots of changes and Metaverse wedding is awe! Nonetheless, nothing can replace the joy in ‘traditional weddings’. It’s the start of a new beginning – with smiling faces, hugs and happy tears.

Recently, the talk of the town has been about Traci and Dave Gagnon – the first couple to get married in the metaverse. Those who were unable to attend the in-person wedding, participated in the Metaverse. It’s totally a different kind of connection. Kudos to technology! Further, they had customised their avatars. These avatars were pretty cool, as it could run, dance and do what not. Besides, children were also able to play on a virtual beach. It was much better than the ‘zoom-meetings’.

Meanwhile, this February, 2022 , India is all set to witness its first wedding reception in the metaverse. The couple have planned to have a Hogwarts themed gala wedding.  Any Potterheads out there?


Await the Hogwarts Themed Wedding!!!

Now, what really is Metaverse?

Metaverse – The New Normal

It’s basically a virtual environment where we can interact with each other, host ‘weddings’ and do what not.  Metaverse is a simulated virtual environment, utilizing blockchain technology, virtual reality, augmented reality and much more. Wait, wasn’t it a bit too much? Let’s see what these words mean.

Metaverse uses the following:


Visualizing and elevating things in the real world through a digital media. It places digital elements over real-world through a phone cam. Likewise, you can view it on your smartphones or tabs.



Pokemon Go is a mobile game, which creates an augmented reality, wherein players capture and train pokemon avatars.


It’s an artificial environment present to the user, such that they can accept it as a real world. Moreover, it’s a complete 3D visual via technology and devices. For instance, many malls now have VR games. These VR games, would make you feel that you are in the middle of a gaming arena.


Metaverse uses Virtual Reality
  Virtual Reality Games have realistic scenarios

You might wonder, what’s the difference between AR and VR. To keep it simple, just remember:

VR makes up your entire field of vision through devices, while AR enhances the environment around with the help of smartphones or iPads. Also, AR is more of a real-life experience than VR.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Token) and Blockchain technology:

In a simpler way, you can imagine NFTs as a digital certificate of authority and ownership for a given asset. Further, NFTs use blockchain technology to store the data. Nowadays, these two have become trending subjects.

VR technique is used in Metaverse
Block-chain technology revenue forecast is estimate is estimated to be around 1,431.54 USD. BCT is used for Metaverse.

The Indian couple, Dinesh Kshatriya and Janaganandhini Ramaswamy hosted their digital avatars for the wedding. Guardianlink.io, an NFT platform showcased the NFTs. In addition to this, around 50 copies of the same were sold for a hefty $500 in total. Besides, one of the invitations was exchanged for $4500 on a whole. This invitation was earlier sold at a price of $10. Thereby, we can see a tremendous hike in the trading value. Last but not the least, there’s a NFT avatar picturing the bride’s late father. The groom’s surprise didn’t fail to impress the bride. What else would one need?      

Wide range of avatars will keep us intrigued.

On a whole, the Covid-19 restrictions has actually paved a way for something big and unique. Now, there’s no restriction on the count of people in this virtual world.

Hence, Metaverse can bring our dreams and  fantasies true. The future is quite big in the Metaverse. In other words, it’s a virtual world, with real people pictured by digital elements. A lot more interesting stuff would definitely unfold in the future. Till then, let’s stay grooved in with Metaverse world. And, don’t forget that all that glitters isn’t gold.

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