Maine chai beechi
Aap revdi becho
Aap mooje beecho
Jo bhi product apko across India mil sakta hai
Usse bheecha ja sakti hai
Or Jo beecha ja sakta hai
Usse paisa kamaya ja sakta
Or jisse paisa kamaya ja sakta hai
Usse kuch bhi kiya ja sakta

I have sold tea
U sell Revdi
U sell socks
Whatever product you can find across India
Sell it!
The things that could be sell
Can help you Earn Money
And the things that get you money
Anything can be done with this.

All you need is Passion!
-Mba chaiwala

MBA CHAIWALA (Praful) was a college dropout. See how he became the second most famous chaiwala in the world?

Disappointed by Cat’s result he opens a shop named MBA CHAIWALA. With 8000Rupees in his pocket to 3 crores in his bank balance. (The MBA stands for Mr. Billionaire Ahmedabad).
Far away from his home.
Working at Mcdonald’s on a day-night shift.
Threatened by local goons,
could not sleep well on many nights.
Waking up, before the city.
Kicked out many times from the world. yet, he managed to stand on his legs. Yes, many times his hopes broke down into pieces
however, with every unit of hope, he made boat
The boat that can stand against striking weather
The boat that can handle waves
The boat that takes him off-shore
The boat that can make him.

There are no. of examples to whom you can make your ideal. But a


People think it is easy to start a business in one go. If they have the necessary money required to establish. but it is no easy task however small it may be. It required
Hard Work

Once an entrepreneur decides to establish an enterprise unit, he has to prepare a plan of action and to decide in advance each and every step he is going to take in that connection till its functioning which is helpful in avoiding a delay at the initial stages of starting a business.
The question should be asked by the entrepreneur to himself:(SECONDLY)
Whether the business would be profitable?
How much capital would be required?
What would be the degree of risk
Your network
Are my communication skills enough
Did I scanned the environment,
Do I know my target audience,
Whether there would be sufficient market demand for the goods
Whether there would be opportunities to grow?

But the first question should be:-
What would be if I break in between,
Is my dreaming enough for,
What do I need first,
What could be the thing that will keep driving,

A business can’t be set up in one night, you need time, patience, and more importantly consistency. Every day no. of startups start, but it takes a minute to shut down…
Do you know why?
Because, people leave their dreams in the middle, break the consistency, lose hope.
Don’t evaluate yourself, don’t have proper planning, and lastly Not Flexible.