In the past few days, Jio company has come up with one year plan of its company. The first one to launch 5G in India. In that, they said that they are going to launch 5G in India. Yes, you heard me right. Today let’s discuss about plans of Jio also their one-year mission.


As we already know, Jio is one of the largest mobile networks in India. They are the first one to make all the people connected via internet. The first master plan of Jio was giving people internet free of cost. Through that, they made every person connect to and with the internet. They almost gave people one year of free internet and every person got used to it. After that they provided it at a low price and kept raising the price for internet. Now, they came up with a huge statement. They are gonna create a new 5G network to connect the people.

How they are going to do that?

In their one-year plan, within this Diwali of 2022 they are gonna introduce 5G to people. In Diwali 2022, Delhi, Mumbai, Culcatta, and Chennai will be available with 5G network. Within Diwali 2023, they said they will try to implement this 5G network throughout India.

What is 5G ?

Everyone may tell, 5G is nothing but a faster version of 4G. That’s not the only truth about 5G. Also they said it is an independent 5G network. Basically, 5G network will be dependent on 4G but they said there will be an individual and unique idea for this 5G network. Basically, how much speed would the 5G network hold? Everyone will ask this question, and the answer is 20 gigabytes per second. Also, more ports for 5G are ready to come.

Upcoming 5G Technology

Advantages and disadvantages:

First let’s discuss about the disadvantage of 5G. More ports, which means likely many towers will come. Example: We can say that for each street, one tower has to be build. The range, that this 5G network covers is very low compared to 4G. Basically, it will transfer data faster to a shorter distance. But, I think it will be worth that.

Now, let’s come to advantages. Say, you have a fully automated car. You are driving a car and you lose control; but the car is connected to Wi-Fi, which means it will do calculations at nanoseconds and automatically take control of the car and try to avoid any accidents. This is futuristic and not possible in India at the moment. The future of automated cars depends on 5G.

The next advantage is in the field of healthcare. Let’s say you want to do a surgery immediately to a patient who is in America, but you are in India. It can be done with the help of robotic hands with no delays in the network. They can perform the surgery successfully. The future generation won’t see buffering in any apps or in videos. If they use 5G, there will be no delay in forecasting live events like sports. Basically, today’s forecast contains a three to four seconds delay. But with 5G, there will be no delay in transmission.


We discussed about Jio’s one year plan and some of its history. Also, we discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of the 5G network. What do you think about 5G network?

Will Jio can successfully achieve their plans? Comment down below..

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