Our society is loaded with opportunities. “I never get recognized” is a chart-topping verse among teenagers. Generally, It depends on the way we look at a situation. Analyzing while grabbing a chance is very important. Now consider a scenario when an open contest is announced; ten percent of the people step forward to participate. Over seventy percent of people look for outcomes like prizes and fame. The rest of the people show fewer interests with lame reasons.

This statistic gives a brief about how an opportunity is utilized. Counting on category one, they are more prone to the experience. Every time they incur failure, they ace up. Similar to tom and jerry. The more jerry gets screwed, the wiser it becomes. So this clearly states that you got to gain experience whenever and where ever it is possible. Looking at the second category, We meet these kinds of people in our daily life. The only aspect they concentrate on is what they get out of it when they use the chance. These are the type of people who criticize others when they lose. To explain this better follow the scenario, a teacher announces a hackathon to the class and asks the interested ones to enroll them. The super genius one does it first. The others look for the prize they receive while winning or think about the complexity of the problem. The ones looking for the complexity will most likely take up the challenge. Whereas people lose chances by looking at the prize, and when no one enrolls the staff force few students to register for namesake. But our chatterboxes confront that only pets of the staff may take up. This is where we make a mistake. When you find something coming towards you, try to face it instead of hiding from them. When you face the problem directly, you will ultimately end up building yourself. It will help you to escape from the never-ending loop.

While starting a business, generally, the members will carry out SWOT analysis. SWOT means your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Mostly our mob will work on strengths, weaknesses, and threats, leaving opportunity. Your weakness is your threats. actually, the threat is an opportunity for you to enhance. That will be an opportunity is a key to growing your business. And that’s why it is important to make a SWOT analysis for yourself or your business.
As I have said early, whenever you create a solution, you ultimately create an additional problem. And that problem is your opportunity. No matter how challenging the task is or how simpler. It purely depends on how effectively you use it. This gives you an experience and thus makes you stand out from the crowd.
Our brains are super creators. Brainstorming your daily life cycle will help you identify how much you have missed. Thus it will give an experience on how to rework your chores. As a part of that, you excel in your field. Congrats, you are now recognized for your work.

It’s very simple to recite, but this is your chance to work on it. Yes, the opportunities are democratised. It purely depends on the way we approach it.