Most of you would have read about the story of Lamborghini. He wanted to implement some changes in the Ferrari car that he had bought. When he went to Mr. Ferrari he had humiliated and rejected his ideas. But none would have known the rejector was once rejected…Yes! What you heard is true. This article is about the life story of Mr. Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the finest sports car brand in the world.

There is a story about the birth of Mr. Ferrari. He was said to be born on 18 February 1898, but the official record says that he was born on 20 February. The delay in the days was due to a heavy snowstorm which made it difficult for his parents to report to the registrar office. Young Ferrari wanted to become a car racer being inspired by Felice Nazzaro, who was a Grand Prix champion at that time. He had a desire to own a supercar just like any other boy at that age, but he had taken the efforts to make it into a reality.

He didn’t study that much. He was more interested in car racing which his family didn’t allow at that age. He served for the Italian Army during World War I where along with his brother. He continued his service in the army even after the war but that wasn’t for long when he was expelled due to his sickness. He had lost his brother due to sickness.

In order to keep up with the family, Ferrari had to take up a job to meet daily needs. He started looking for jobs in the automobile sector. The popular automobile brand at that time was Fiat.

So, Mr. Ferrari went to apply as a test driver but was instantly rejected without any considerations. After a couple of searches, he got a job in CMN manufacturers. A year later he represented in Hillclimb races with the CMN cars. He came fourth in his debut race. Being inspired by his results, he went on to participate in many races that year. But he had to retire immediately amidst the race since his car tank was leaking and that could have been detrimental to his life.

He left racing for some years trying to focus on a ‘real’ career, but his heart wasn’t listening to that. So he had joined as a driver in a racing club. From that point of his life, things were escalating. He won the Grand Prix the year he had joined the club. The Next year he had won three Grand Prix awards and he became a popular figure in racing world.

But he had his eyes on creating his own race team. Ferrari retired from racing after the birth of his son, he started to work on creating his own team. Scuderia Ferrari was the team built by Mr. Enzo with a horse emblem, the team had top-class drivers and the team won a lot of prizes in the upcoming years.

His eyes then turned to automobile production. In 1940, Ferrari manufactured two cars Millie Migila and Lotario Rangoni. But the Fazi government seized his factory for military purposes and bombed them. Despite those tragic events, Ferrari was determined to build his own automobile empire, and there came the birth of Ferrari S.P.A in 1947, a company solely owned by Mr. Enzo.

There were even more tragic events after the launch of the company. Ferrari was considered at increasing the potential of the vehicle without considering safety. An accident occurred when the car tire burst traveling at 250km/h speed killing 9 people. The tire manufacturer and Ferrari were sued heavily for this incident.

Along these years, even after facing these many issues, Ferrari launched several hit models which then became a popular sports car brand among the people. It then became the No.1 automobile brand in the World. Now, Ferrari is a 35-billion-dollar luxury sports car manufacturing company with its branches spread all over the world. Owning a Ferrari car has become a prestige for a lot of big-shots in the current era.

All of these wouldn’t have been possible if Mr. Enzo wasn’t so stubborn in his dreams. Even after all the problems, he was still determined to build his own company, and now is the company is one of the big players in the automobile industry. So having a dream is important, but what’s more important is the shear to achieve it.