Artificial intelligence has created a milestone in the life of humans. They are now a part of our life. Throwing back to the early years of the 1980s there wasn’t enough automated machinery to carry out their daily chores. But now we have machines that carry out everything on their own and made our lives easy. Throughout this article, you will find top artificial intelligent products that created an impact in our life.

Google maps
They now made traveling to new destinations simple. All you need is to feed your destination address now you are ready to ride people. It is a web mapping product. That offers satellite imagery, aerial photographs, street maps, and routing planning for traveling. In short, local guides for travelers developed using the algorithms for making the travel best and comfortable.

Digital assistant:
Digital assistants do some tasks on behalf of others. These are gaining more and more popularities nowadays. Today with the rapid advancement of technologies most of the gadgets we use have digital assistants. They can schedule your calendar, Manage mails, and to-do lists. Few famous digital assistants are Siri, google now, Crotona and Alexa. All these assistants can now control your smart devices. We are now free from tiring and pen and paper stuff right.

E- payments:
From running to banks for every transaction amid of hectic day to performing transactions from where you are. Artificial intelligence has influenced the banking industry. The banks are now leveraging artificial intelligence to facilitate customers by simplifying the process. The current UPI transactions, cheque processing are few applications of AI in E payments. AI is proficient in deciphering handwriting, making online cheque processing practicable.

Self-driving cars:
Self-driving cars are the sign that the future is upon us. Though it appeared only in the fiction. Artificial intelligence is driving the future of the self-driving car industry. They loaded the cars with sensors that capture thousands of data for every Millie second. They interpret these data to act accordingly. We may still have a long way to go until we’re fully capable of driving autonomously.

The analytics power the marketing program and business intelligence effort. The Artificial intelligence algorithm interprets the data collected and provides insights and patterns. Which is then used for predictions and forming strategies to enhance the business The best analytics software’s are google analytics and adobe analytics. Which helps the individual to predict and follow their growth.

“Computers will overtake humans with AI within the next 100 years. When that happens we must make sure that the computers are aligned with ours”–Stephen hawking.
On the whole Artificial intelligence has diverse applications. There will be more advancement soon, which may lead to a situation where there will be no life without AI. The above described are just a drop of information from the ocean of knowledge. Every individual needs to learn how to handle these advancements without affecting humankind and nature at any cost.

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