Every year at the Google I/O conference, they announce the pixel line-up by calling it ‘flagship’. Do they actually mean that? Every single pixel smartphone they have announced, right from the pixel, which was manufactured by HTC, the Pixel XL, and so on, offered the best experience at the software level and at times they really fail to offer the flagship experience at the hardware level. Being the makers of Android, they offered the best user experience like how they offered it in the Nexus series. Wait, what just happened to the nexus series?

Yeah, we’ll discuss it, but not right here as this is about pixel series. Coming back to what we have been discussing, they still lagged in the hardware section and people started to hate the pixel series. Only some legends like me, ditched the pixel series as they introduced something revolutionary in the camera segment, which was named ‘COMPUTATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY’. No 48MP, 64MP, 108MP those kinds of stuff.

The pixel smartphones achieved a good professional photograph with a 12MP camera. Sounds interesting right? People out there just have a blind mindset that the greater the number of megapixels the better photos you can take. That’s not true, even 64MP or 108MP photos have undergone a process named ‘Pixel Binning’ where the actual megapixel is converted to 12 or 13MP. And one more major thing that plays an important role in good photos, the ISP.

Let us just have a glance at it, not much more because it seems to be more technical and complicated when we study deeply about it. So, what is ISP? Image Signal Processing is the abbreviation of ISP. It is a kind of AI image processing, where the contrast, hue levels, saturation levels, and other technical color corrections are given as a present inside a chipset according to the time of the photographs taken.

For night shots, the numbers differ and for the day shots, the numbers differ. Google, the company which ditched only Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipset for years, achieved professional ISP levels even with midrange chipset. The ISP levels at Pixels 5a (launched a few weeks back) which uses a midrange chipset SD765G can compete harder with iPhone 12pro max which uses a flagship chipset A13 bionic inside it. That’s what the beauty of ISP is and Google just continuing to master it since 2018.

Google's Tensor chip is only the first step toward truly great Pixel phones  - The Verge

The reason why it was a flop among the people is the hardware they offered as I said earlier. The display was only a 60Hz OLED panel and the chipset they used were mostly midrange, but the pricing will be at the flagship level. That’s where the Pixel failed every single time. Now here comes a fantastic move from Google. The company teased its next ACTUAL FLAGSHIP smartphone, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro.

They broke their own convention style of making this smartphone, starting from the design language, to the display and the chipset they used inside. Now, the company has announced officially its in-house chipset, the TENSOR which was specially made by Google by investing 3 years in its R&D. We can’t expect the up to the mark flagship performance from this as it uses only Mali-GPU.

It still gives us a good performance and as per rumors, it performs like the SD870 which is pretty decent. The beauty about this chipset is the implementation of AI and the biggest selling point in this is that Google uses its own ISP in this chipset, which can take the photographs to the next level. About the display as per rumors, the normal Pixel 6 uses a 90Hz Samsung’s s-AMOLED display, and the premium 6 Pro uses the Samsung’s LTPO 120Hz Display which was used in the Oneplus 9 Pro.

As the chipset used inside is from its own company, they receive 4 major updates and 5 years of security patch updates which is pretty insane! If you are a big fan of android, then I am damn sure that you can’t get a feature-rich smartphone than the Pixel 6 series this year. The company has earlier released the first list of markets where the smartphone will launch for sure. As usual, India hasn’t been placed on the first list. Hope that the company adds our market to the second list.

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