Mr. Jeff Bezos is known as a very successful and well-established entrepreneur in America. He has been the number one richest person according to the Forbes list for a long time. He is a billionaire and has a net worth of around 200 billion US dollars. He was named the “richest man in the modern world”.

He is an American entrepreneur, media proprietor, investor, and computer engineer. He is a man of modesty and a great vision. He is one of those who have inspired people a lot and have brought them into startups hustling etc. (including me). This article is a quick tale about this business tycoon.

Mr. Jeffrey Preston Jorgenson was born on the 12th of January in the year 1964 in Mexico. Everyone would be familiar with his birth year due to a popular and trendy song (born in 1964, Jeffrey Bezos).

born in 1964 song

When he was born, his mother was 17 and his father was 19. Most of the days, his mom would take him to night school where she would study and also take care of him. After their divorce, his mom married Miachel Bezos and there was a change in surname to Bezos.

When Bezos attended High School, he used to work in McDonald’s during the breakfast shift. Our man was a National merit scholar, Silver knight award winner, and also a valedictorian (a person who delivers a farewell speech- the person with the highest academic performance is appointed for that).

Graduation, Graduation Day

Fun fact= Jeff Bezos was a member of the Quadrangle club which is known to be an eating club.

In 1986, he graduated from Princeton University in electrical engineering and computer science. After that, he worked in a telecommunication start-up where he excelled well. He then worked in D.E. Shaw company and soon he became the senior Vice president of that company.

Bezos always had an idea of starting up his own business. As he was well versed in computers, he thought that it would be appropriate for him. So in 1994, our man had opened an online bookstore called Amazon in his car garage.

He named the company Cadabra but then changed it to Amazon considering some facts which were logical.
i. The name amazon starts with an “A”. So it would pop up first in the search.
ii. Amazon is the largest river in the world. Similarly, he wants his company to be the largest bookstore in the world (it is now the largest).

amazon in 1995

He warned his investors and customers that there would be a 70% chance of going bankrupt. Then he rebounded from it and soon he expanded his business. Throughout these years, amazon has experienced a lot of financial struggles and there were scenarios where the company went bankrupt.

But our man never lost hope, he was persistent and determined. He led the company in those tough situations and in 2013 amazon was declared the world’s largest online shopping retailer.

amazon in 2021

In fact, most of the successful people we are seeing right now have faced failures and hardships at least once in their lives. It is important not to stop trying and not feeling about the failures.
So, stop worrying and start trying. Go, buddy! A bright future is waiting for you….




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