“It’s not about the Idea; it is making the idea happen”

Every startup has its own story for its origin.  Its purpose is defined by the way it serves the customer. Technology is growing day by day. almost everything is fitted in palms from food, travel to medication. This one renowned startup of our country has 60% of the market share In India (as of 2014) with customers in 100+ cities and 15 lakh employees as Driver-partners. Ola was launched in the year 2010 by two IIT Mumbai graduates. It is the first Indian aggregator company, bridges the gap between cab drivers and commuters.

Bhavish Agarwal was just like every successful entrepreneur. He first started the website Olatrips.com which offered holiday packages and weekend trips. Bhavish once happened to travel from Bangalore to Bandipur for which he rented a car. The experience was an utter nightmare. The driver stopped in the middle of the ride demanding for renegotiation of what Bhavish was paying. After being refused, the driver proceeded to abandon Bhavish.

This was the place he realized how many customers suffered in our country because of such kinds of activities. Recognizing the need for the potential cab booking service he changed Olatrips to Ola cabs.

Bhavish on-boarded his co-founder Ankit Bhati for taking Ola Cabs forward. Bhavish’s parents didn’t agree with his startup plans in the beginning. They were thoroughly displeased with his decision to become a travel agent. Nevertheless, his parents became supportive once OLA got its first round of angel investment from Snapdeal founder Kunal Bahl, Rehan yar Khan and Anupam Mittal).

Anyone can have a good idea implementing them requires a scalable business model. According to him, One should run a business while owning zero inventory.

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