This month! While saying, I find myself very happy. This is the happiest month for me in every year, chilly morning, cloudy weather, hot baths, etc.., I’m very happy about this month because many good things happened to me, and hope for you also. Like this likable climate, “Football”, “World Cup”, “Messi”, “Ronaldo” – we may hear these words somewhere in our neighborhood. Yes, in this month football world cup takes place in an amazing place “Qatar”. FIFA occurs every four years and came up with a battle of 32 clans! 

Battle for FIFA
The battle for a cup

FIFA International Federation of Association Football:

FIFA (originally from French – Fédération Internationale de Football Association) is an association for many international football teams and every nation plays with pride to hold the trophy. Some cricket fans may not understand how important this is for a football fan…  

Cricket or Football

For them I came up with a best example. In this IPL 2023, let us consider this will be the last year for our Captain Cool – “Mahendra Singh Dhoni“. If anyone interrupts you while Mahi is playing his final knock in the Finals, what will you do? How many of you try to save rupees to see one last time batting of MSD in the playground? How many of you keep hope this should not be his last match? How many of you subscribe to see this? 

What if I say “THIS IS JUST A CRICKET MATCH, WHY ARE YOU WASTING THIS MUCH OF MONEY AND TIME” (no offense bro) . What will be your reaction?  

The same reaction will be given for you from us, if anybody says like this.  

Unlike the other sports we can’t predict the game. Like how in cricket we can’t predict the match until the last ball is bowled, we can’t predict this game, too. 

Economic Growth from FIFA: 

This time world cup is the most expensive one. They have invested a lot of money. Approximately they have spent 227 billion US dollars. After hearing this much amount of money, I’m too shocked. But the main reason for this much of involvement is because of tourism. Generally, in India around 6% of GDP is from tourism. During the cricket world cup years, it may contribute even more. Likewise, the tourism of Qatar also will grow incredibly and also contributes even more than other countries GDP.

The stadium

Also, the marketing strategy is perfect for every match they play. This will be the last year of football for two mightiest players, Messi and Ronaldo. What we spent on cricket is nothing while comparing to this. The main reason for the development of this sport is these two players. Remember my words when it comes “orange or mango”, “ice cream or sandwich”, “Summer or Winter” we may able to choose, but when it comes to “Messi or Ronaldo” the Qatar GDP is gonna boom. 


The one and only conclusion is that Qatar is going to develop and gain more income because of this grand world cup. What they play or do doesn’t matter. But it matters only for the fans who expect a lot from our legends. I hope the fans, the country, and the legends may end all this in a well manner and all their expectation will be met.  

Hope you enjoyed the blog… Thank you for reading….  

Final question… Who will win the match without playing? The economy of Qatar

Comment your answers!

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