Coding is one of the most often used terms in the education and career field. Some students hate coding while others love it. Nowadays, it is used in almost every domain and is considered of utmost importance.

Have you ever wondered why? Well, the answer to this is, that our world is marching towards a new revolution involving more machine work than manual ones. We would have observed this change even in our day to day life.

For example, the functions of a smart home carried out by the google assistant using our simplest instructions. The majority contributing to the need of learning coding is the students who are undertaking their engineering degrees.

Many students face difficulty and as a result, hate coding. If you’re one of them, just relax and take a glance at the below ideas to enhance your skill.

Start Fresh:

Clear up your thoughts about coding and have a fresh mindset. This will intensely help you to develop an attraction towards the skill and undoubtedly make you like it. Why is this important? Because it’s firmly believed that when you like a subject, it will like you back.

Understand the basics better:

When it comes to learning any new form of subject or skill, it is immensely critical to be well-versed with the basics. Remember that putting a strong fundamental block can hold the further blocks firmly with great ease.

Don’t pressurize yourself over picking a programming language:

Developing a better understanding will automatically make way for your strengths. So don’t pressure yourself too much on this. When you explore more, you will get to know which programming language plays more of your strengths.

Learn to workout the logic:

Often, many students give up on coding because they couldn’t take the time to solve the logic which is the most crucial part of breaking the code into simpler parts. Make it a habit to sit down and work it out with a serene mind flow.

Make use of the abundant resources available on the internet:

The Internet can be very educative and helpful when you use it for the right purpose. For once try using it for enhancing your understanding of subjects and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by seeing how much you can learn and develop your skills.

Handle debugging with more patience:

By debugging every error, you move one step further towards a clear understanding. Just like how a drop makes an ocean, debugging even a single error with a calm mind will make your mind ready for more complex codes.

Start asking “How” rather than “Why” :

As you keep learning more and more, never ask the question ‘why’ and ask more of ‘how’. The more you think of how something would’ve occurred, your capabilities of analyzing are sharpened. Asking questions is healthy depending on what you ask. Quality answers come with quality questions.

Implement your full knowledge:

Being open to new challenges will show you how much knowledge you hold of that subject. So it is always on a positive note to try and implement all of your knowledge on new challenges to yield better results.

Make coding a small part of your day:

Practice makes a man perfect. Everyone has their schedule. Just add this to your everyday habit and it will directly increase your efficiency. It will make you achieve more proficiency in a particular subject.

Never stop learning:

How much is too much? We never know! So never stop learning daily. Even a small piece of information may conclude a big puzzling question. Gather more and learn more to reach great heights.

Everything that we’re good at takes more of our interests and attraction. It’s quite natural to dislike something but understand that liking something that we disliked and disliking something we liked, all lies in our perspectives and understandings.

I conclude it with my share of thoughts, “When you look for the right reason, you might even like your enemy”. Start treating coding as your friend rather than your enemy to fall in love with coding.

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