India has become the hub of unicorn startups in the last decade. Companies dealing with environmental issues are escalating. The need for sustainable fashion is growing exponentially due to the impact of climate change. Thaley joins the race with others to solve the infinity complex created by plastic, as many companies focus on the reduction of carbon emissions and the recycling of plastics for daily appliances.

Ashay Bhave, the founder of Thaley, completed his degree in accessory design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management In Entrepreneurship from Amity University in Dubai. He developed a startup that turns plastics into vegan sneakers.

The word ‘Thaley’ means plastic bags in Hindi. Their goal is to formulate a solution to the annual usage of 100 billion plastic bags, which uses 12 million barrels of oil and kills 100,000 marine species.

Initially, the company developed a prototype with existing patterns, lasts, and soles with the aid of a local shoe shop in Mumbai. It was a test to see if the fabric could be utilized in the same way as leather in the current production process. The test went well and the completed prototype was as classic as the leather shoes.

How are plastics turned into sneakers?

They collect the plastic bags and the debris from Tritop Technologies, a waste collection firm. The collected bags are bathed in hot water with no chemicals. The basic heating technology is used to compose the plastic bags. This composition is also known as Thaley Tex – a textile composed of plastic bags with no chemicals. Then the material is used in manufacturing the sneakers. A single pair of sneakers is made with 10 plastic bags and 12 plastic bottles.

Thaley was awarded first place in the Eureka Startup Pitch Competition. The most fascinating part about this shoe is its packaging. The packaging bags are also made with the help of plastics. Their shipping box can be planted after receiving the package. Through this small measure, the recycling of 16 plastic bottles and 10 bags is a huge step in the world of innovation in recycling.

It is found that Thaley has recycled 48,000+ plastic bottles and 40,000 plastic bags into eco-friendly sneakers. They manufacture these sneakers in two colors, white and black.

Recycled Shoes

Though the reduction of plastic usage is a nightmare, recycling serves as a fortune for humankind. Over the past years, plastics have created irrepairable effects on nature and also in our daily life. Replacing them suddenly might end up in chaos. But Thaley blew the wind of positivity through its vegan sneakers. Let’s support these solutions for a better tomorrow.