Android development is a remarkable transition in the evolution of the mobile ecosystem. Google is the key player. For decades, they have provided indispensable updates in technology for the betterment of human life. 

It’s time to know about the recent Android updates rolled out by Google in I/O 2022.

The new Android version focuses on three themes. Android 13 enables the user to do more with the phone as the center. This version goes beyond phones. Android 13 brings all devices together to solve connectivity problems to lead your day.

Android 13 is built on the material you design language. Therefore, it allows your phone to adapt to your own style. Icons can now incorporate your own color theme. The new media look is quite exciting; progress bar grooves based on the beat of the music. This can be further personalized by setting different languages for each app.

Android 13 is packed with multiple security and privacy features; security feature is now extended beyond your device.

Private Messaging – Function Of Liberty

The sharing of messages is now secured by the high standards of RCS. It enables privacy protections like end-to-end encryption; if all of the mobile system upgrades to RCS, your messages will become private.

Google Wallet – Replacing The Wallet

It is a digital wallet for Android. Google Wallet provides fast and secure access to your daily essentials. G-wallet can store payment cards, and the user can tap to pay anywhere. It extended the usage of the wallet beyond the payments. From starting your car to storing your vaccine cards. It is found allegedly that none of this information is shared with Google.

Google is now working with the US government to introduce a digital driver’s license later this year. The users can share their ID details using NFC or QR codes.

Google Wallet will be available to the world in the upcoming weeks.

Emergency SOS

Technology is not just for easing our daily lives or for communication. It turns out to be a lifesaver. Google is about to introduce an emergency SOS system, where the user can instantly contact their trusted person during an emergency right from their watch.

Early Earthquake Warnings:

This feature is extended to many high earthquake risk regions in the world. It uses accelerometer data from phones to determine the earthquake and alert the people in the surrounding area before the shaking reaches them.

Tablet OS:

Users can see more at a single glance with the changed notification panel. A new app taskbar is set at the bottom; it gives easy access for the user to toggle between the apps. Over 20+ Google apps will be updated to optimize their usage on large screens by taking the advantage of full functionality.

How does Android bring more devices together to work seamlessly?

Casting Capablities: Google is now extending its casting capabilities to Chrome Books and cars too.

Phone – Hub: The user can access all their phone’s messaging apps on their Chrome Book; it gives the exact application, while the user need not download the client app that separately runs on the other devices.

Copy-Paste: the user can copy a picture/text from the phone, and place it on the tablet. It is similar to drag and drop.

Fast Pair: this feature allows you to connect to your Bluetooth devices effortlessly. Fast-Pair will soon be extended to other types of devices.


The matter connects Google Nests hardware with top brands to connect with bulbs, door locks, etc. This instantaneously connects the devices to your home network, Google Home, and favorite apps using fast Pair.

All these features bring many devices together and make Android an incredible platform for the users.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel 6 is a complete re-imaging of a pixel inside and out. It is the first phone to get powered by the Google Tensor. Google Pixel 6A shares the same design language as Pixel 6 with a two-tone look and slim bezels;  It holds a dual camera with 12 megapixels and an ultra-wide lens. All these are encased in the aluminum frame. Pixel 6A has 5G connectivity and the same security architecture as Titan M2. The machine learning model runs five times faster than Pixel 6. The camera has a real tone built-in with a night sight and magic erasers. Even in airplane mode, the translator works better. The display fingerprint sensor is added to the security locks.

Google pixel 6A

Google Pixel 7

A triple camera system is added in Pixel 7. The next generation tensor is used to bring personalized experiences across speech, photography, video, and security. The phone is built with the Android 13 operating system.

Pixel Buds:

The Pixel Buds Pro has active noise cancellation; it is designed with a new custom audio processor. Pixel Buds have 6 core architecture tuned with Google developed algorithms; it uses a neural processing engine to analyze external sound with extremely low latency. The silent seal technology is used to avoid audio leakage.

Day 1 of google I/O 2022 was a complete keynote about the new technologies about to rock this trending technology world. This is not the end. Day 2 is even more fascinating. Check out the glimpse of it.